Sistem Informasi Pendataan Penduduk Desa Singapura Kabupaten Ogan Komering Ulu

  • Asni Maini Manajemen Informatika, AMIK AKMI Baturaja
  • Pujianto Pujianto AMIK AKMI Baturaja
  • Estiningrum Estiningrum AMIK AKMI Baturaja
Keywords: Information System; population; Embarcadero XE2


Information technology today has an important role in helping the completion of human work in various ways. At the village office of Singapore districts Semidang Aji, population data collection system is done manually by the way of recording in log book. Manual data collecting system often results data missed or duplicated and complicates the village staff in finding and reporting districts data because they have to open the log book. Thus the author does a research to create a population data collecting system. The  research  was  conducted  by  visiting  the  village office  in  Singapura,  Semidang  Aji  districts.  In  collecting  data,  the  author  uses  the  methods  like interviews,  and observations  from  book  sources  and journals.  The  Context Diagram  Design,  DFD,  and  ERD  are  made  as  the  first  step  in  making  the population  data  collecting  system in Singapura, Semidang  Aji district.  For  the next  step,  the  system  is  made  by using  Embarcadero  XE2  with  Microsoft  Office Access 2007 database. The result of this research is a system that is designed to help the villagers in collecting and finding the data, and resluting reports quickly and accurately.


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