Analisis Kelayakan Penerapan Sistem Informasi Kependudukan Pada Desa Kepayang

  • Yunita Trimarsiah AMIK AKMI Baturaja
  • Dian Sri Agustina
Keywords: Feasibility analysis, Corelational, Population information system.


The existence of data processing into information in a computerized to be very important. It is because of computerized data processing can contribute greatly to the performance of an organization. It compared to the data processing manually, computerized data processing has many advantages, such as: data processing is fast and accurate. The writer conducted a study about the effectiveness on the application of population information system at the village office of kepayang, to support the operational activities in the village office of kepayang. This case considered important to be investigated because the village office of Kepayang in providing pessimistic service on population data collection requires an information system to facilitate the office staff in providing reports on population data.

This research uses correlational method. Corelational method is a continuation of descriptive method, data collected, arranged systematically, factually, and carefully, but it does not explain the relationship between variables and also does not do the test hypothesis or prediction. But on the correlational method, the relationship between variables are examined and explained. This relationship is called correlation. Thus, correlational method is a research method that searches the relationship between the variables is studied.

Based on the explanation of supporting tools owned by the village office of kepayang is in accordance with that required by the population information system, so that the population information system is feasible to be applied to the village of kepayang. Services by using the information system of population, it is possible that the services provided by the village office of kepayang to the village community can be implemented more easily and quickly, otherwise the existing data can be stored using the database so the risk of losing data can be minimized.


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