Pengembangan Bahan Ajar MOREL (Modul Elektronik) Berbasis APPS Android

  • Defi Pujianto AMIK AKMI Baturaja Prodi Manajemen Informatika
  • Kadarsih Kadarsih AMIK AKMI Baturaja
Keywords: Bahan Ajar, Apps Android, Modul Elektronik , Hot-fit Model


The learning process of students at AMIK AKMI Baturaja still uses textbooks as a learning medium that has not yet led to the digital generation, namely the process of learning using smartphones and based on electronic documents. He problem faced is that the Digital Generation or Z cannot be separated anymore from a Smartphone so that if given a learning method using Textbook, it becomes bored. Besides students are already lazi reading modules in the form of text, the focus of the digital generation is Smartphone. To overcome these problems, it is needed an application development of Morel Teaching Materials (Electronic Modules) based on Android Apps in the hope that it will provide a lot of convenience for students as well as lecturers, as well as the achievement of learning objectives applied by every course on the AMIK AKMI campus in Baturaja. The research method used is the waterfall method while the data collection techniques used are observation, interview and documentation techniques. The results of this study are Morel applications (electronic modules) based on Android Apps. Analysis of the successful implementation of the application implementation development of Morel teaching materials (electronic modules) on AMIK AKMI Baturaja based on Android APPS using the HOT Fit Model method. From the results of the student and lecturer quisoners with 61 respondents the 53.22% results answered agree while 11, 40% answered strongly agree which means the implementation of the electronic module is good.


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